"And I saw another Angel who descended from Heaven
and he wore a cloud and a rainbow of the sky on his head
and his appearance was like the Sun, and his legs like pillars of fire."
-Revelation 10.1-

"we thought they had come to save and protect us, we were so wrong"

Some years ago (2015 LOL) I started a little project that I was never able to finish by lack of time.
After several months on working on it there and there between works I can finally show you
the full fun project.
It was really challenging because I had so many differents images that I really wanted to do for this project.

the goal behind this was to represent a different kind of angels, more threatening, less "human".
yeah in my mind, they are not here to" save you" in a peaceful way...
if those guys are here, you are fucked!

hope you will like it, it was a fun project, now...onto the next one =)

Gary jamroz palma presentation revelation notex1920t
Gary jamroz palma duo angel1920
Gary jamroz palma ange lance attaqueversion or
Gary jamroz palma angel descending
Gary jamroz palma angel army final noise
Gary jamroz palma wip artstation2

2 rough render from keyshot for fun

Speed up painting REVELATION project

Gary jamroz palma raw render ailes deplie with light net

angel turn around

Gary jamroz palma angel turn around gray net

angel turn around

Gary jamroz palma wip artstation

Zbrush viewport