VAMPYR - Line art enviro misc.

Because Concept art is not always doing "fancy marketing" environments, I wanted to show also some part of the "concept art job" we dont see a lot in here.
Had not a lot of time on every environments, so most of the time (like on a daily basis) I had to only do line works to show to the environment team and the LD/GD team how the place/level/ect could look.

Now , since VAMPYR is released since more than 3 weeks, I'm allowed to show you some of the stuff I did during the production of this game.
It was a really though production but we did it.
Kudos to my awesome team!

Gary jamroz palma hopital boss fight line1

Hospital Boss fight

Gary jamroz palma couloir entree line

hide out entrance

Gary jamroz palma salon line

Hide out living room

Gary jamroz palma entrance hall theatre line


Gary jamroz palma entrance hall theatre line wip

WIP theatre to show the process.

Gary jamroz palma city main street line

the glamour of concept art.

Gary jamroz palma fosse line art

the glamour of concept art PART II